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Compressed Air Filter

Compressed Air Filter

Compressed air contains harmful solid, liquid and vaporous contaminants that can damage pneumatic equipment, control and instruments. Removal of these contaminants is necessary to sustain equipment life and continue efficient production operation. Rust, scale and decay within compressed air system piping, and ambient air that contains gaseous and corrosive substances are common factor that contribute to the damaging effect of compressed air. 

Scala Filtration provides various compressed air filter with different filtration grades to maximize the filtration of any impurities such as dirt,metal oxides,rust,hydrocarbon, water and oil aerosols found in the compressed air system.All of these impurities should be strictly removed to provide the best air quality.Scala filter and elements are manufactured for lowest pressure drop and in accordance with International Standard for compressed air quality ISO8573.1:2001

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ince 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.