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Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Producing liquid nitrogen in-house has a number of benefits, especially for laboratories,university and and research institute that require certain amounts of liquid nitrogen. It can also reduce the procurement cost of liquid nitrogen, ensures reliability and continuity of supply. In the long term, investing in liquid nitrogen generators may be more economical than buy liquid from external suppliers.
LNS Series Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Plug-and-play liquid nitrogen generators designed by SCALA. Integrated with oil-free air compressor, PSA nitrogen generator, cryo-cooler and vacuum dewar tank. Controlled by PLC, liquid nitrogen can be produced within several hours at a touch of  screen without complicated operation.

Maintenance free cryo-cooler to eliminate service trouble

SCALA's liquid nitrogen generator is based on advanced pulse-tube cryo-cooler, it's continuous operation life can be more than 100,000 hours, without significant efficiency decline over time.  

Most of small liquid nitrogen generators on the market uses GM cold-head combined with helium compressor cooling. Regular maintenance is therefore required every 10,000 to 30,000 hours. Such maintenance requires professional personnel to complete, and need to be returned to the factory for processing. In addition, the maintenance time is long, which causes a lot of trouble to users.
Other unique competitive advantagess
Space Saving Structure

Integrated space saving design with built-in air compressor, nitrogen generator and large liquid nitrogen tank.

high purity nitrogen gas

PSA nitrogen system generates nitrogen gas between 99.5% to 99.995%, N2 purity can be read on touch screen 

Ultra Clean liquid nitrogen

Additional particle filter and bacterial filter installed to ensure only clean and bacterial free nitrogen gas is liquefied.

Totally Automated 

PLC control, no complicated operation, one-click start and stop. Automatic produce and standby according to liquid level gauge. 

Cryogenic solenoid valve

Liquid nitrogen can be distributed out immediately by pressing touch screen.

WIFI and 4G Internet

HMI touch screen with WiFi function. You can monitor and operate the generator remotely on mobile phones or laptops anytime and anywhere.

Application of Liquid Nitrogen Generator
Cryopreservation: Liquid nitrogen is a very low temperature cryopreservation agent that can be used to cryopreservation biological samples, cells, tissues, etc., to extend their storage time.

Superconductor refrigeration: In the manufacture of superconductors, magnets, and other cryogenic devices, liquid nitrogen is often used as a refrigerant to achieve a superconducting state.

Medical: In the medical field, liquid nitrogen is used for cryotherapy, such as freezing warts, hemorrhoids, etc.

Laboratory research: Liquid nitrogen is commonly used in laboratories to refrigerate experimental equipment, protect sensitive instruments and conduct experiments.
Gas filling: Liquid nitrogen can be used as gas filling, for example in the semiconductor industry for vapor deposition (CVD) processes.

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