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Hangzhou Scala officially launched silent laboratory liquid nitrogen generator

Hangzhou Scala officially launched silent laboratory liquid nitrogen generator

Mar 1,2024

As a professional laboratory liquid nitrogen solution provider, Hangzhou Scala recently officially launched a new integrated liquid nitrogen generator, the equipment is small, low noise, high degree of automation, easy to use and maintain. After more than a year of internal testing, all parameters have met the expected requirements.


The integrated liquid nitrogen generator  produces 10 liters of high purity liquid nitrogen per day  and a built-in 35L vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen tank, which can store up to about 32 liters of liquid nitrogen, so it is suitable for instruments requiring a small amount of liquid nitrogen, such as NMR nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, cryo-EM electron microscope, SEM scanning electron microscope, X-ray difftometer, ultra-low temperature storage.

No need to connect external compressed air and nitrogen, no need to connect external liquid nitrogen tank, no complex operation, boot running for a few hours to produce liquid nitrogen, automatic standby when the liquid nitrogen is full , automatic produce when the level drops to setting value . 

This integrated liquid nitrogen generator uses the hybrid Pluse Tube cryogenic technique, compared with other processes of liquid nitrogen generators,  there is no obvious efficiency decay problem over time, eliminating the maintenance troubles, greatly saving maintenance costs.


Coupled with our more than 10 years of compressed air drying, filtration technology and PSA nitrogen technology, we have increased the purity of nitrogen to 99.9%-99.999%, the water content is less than 5ppm, and the particulate matter content is less than 0.01μm, which solves the problem of efficiency reduction caused by unqualified gas quality of liquid nitrogen machines in other processes. And greatly reduces the risk of contamination of samples with liquid nitrogen.

In order to facilitate user diagnosis, we have added various sensors, which can display various operating parameters on the touch screen, and can judge the operating status of the liquid nitrogen generator through the touch screen without complicated judgment. We have also added WiFi and 4G iot capabilities, so you can view and operate the liquid nitrogen generator anytime and anywhere as long as you turn on your phone or computer.

ince 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.