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Since 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.

The compressed air dryers and filters are wildely used in production line where use dryer and clean compressed air. Liquid nitrogen generators are mainly used in sample storage,animal husbandry,IVF,NMR, hospital,university and research institutes etc.

Compressed air purification equipment
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frequently asked questions
How to choose compressed air treatment equipment for screw air compressor?

Compressed air treatment equipment is often referred to as refrigerated dryer, compressed air filters, air storage tanks. As we all know, the air compressed by the screw air compressor can not be used directly, because it contains a lot of moisture, oil and other pollutants, so it is generally matched with compressed air treatment equipment, and its role is to filter the impurities in the compressed air.

How to select compressed air adsorption dryer?

Applicable to the occasions of adsorption dryer: compressed air water grade is divided into 6 levels, of which 1~3 pressure dew point are below -20℃, must use adsorption dryer to achieve. Its typical applications include photographic film, microelectronic chip (level 1, -70℃), precision spraying (Level 2, -40℃), powdery product delivery (level 3, -20℃), etc.

How to maintain compressed air treatment equipment ?

Daily maintenance: after use every day, it is necessary to check the oil level, exhaust temperature, exhaust pressure and other aspects of the screw air compressor to see if there is any abnormality. If the oil level is too low, it is necessary to add lubricating oil in time. In addition, you also need to check whether the machine has abnormal sound.

How to maintain compressed air adsorption dryer?

Compressed air adsorption dryer is an important equipment for users to provide clean compressed air. It has various types, which can be divided into heatless adsorption dryer, heated adsorption dryer,blower heated adsorption dryer,heat of compression adsorption dryer and so on.

In the process of use, what are the precautions of adsorption dryer?

The oil content of the air in the intake tower should be controlled below 0.01PPM. In view of the fact that some oil-free air compressors cannot be truly oil-free, it is necessary to install an oil-removing filter at the air inlet of the dryer in order to prevent the accumulation of trace oil in the adsorption bed (such accumulation is very fast).

What are the consumable parts of the desiccant dryer?

As the industrial main body of the dryer, the adsorbent is subjected to the frequent impact of pressure, water vapor and heat in most of the time, which is easy to be broken mechanically and contaminated by the medium, so that the performance of the adsorbent is degraded.


ince 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.