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Alternative Filter Element

Alternative Filter Element

As a filter specialist, Scala Filtration manufactures a comprehensive, highly priced alternative compressed air filter element.
We have developed different filter grades to meet the needs of different industrial applications.
Our filter elements are made of high quality stainless steel support mesh, with folded filter material and needle felt outer layer. The performance of these alternative filter elements is equal to or better than the original type.

Scala Filtration offers alternative replacement elements for major air treatment brands and air compressor manufacturers: 
Abac,Air Filter Engineering, Almig,Alup,Atlas Copco, Beko, Boge, Compair,Ceccato,Donaldson, SPX Deltech,Parker Domnick Hunter, Friulair, Gardner Denver,SPX Hankinson, Ingersoll Rand,SPX Jemaco, Kaeser,Mikropor,MTA,OMI,Omega Air, Parker,Quincy,Sullair, SMC,Orion,Ultrafilter,Walker Zander
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