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Small heatless desiccant compressed air dryer for CNC machine

Small heatless desiccant compressed air dryer for CNC machine

Small heatless desiccant compressed air dryer for CNC machine
Small heatless desiccant compressed air dryer for CNC machineSmall heatless desiccant compressed air dryer for CNC machine
CategoriesModular Desiccant Dryer
Normal flow rate36 m3/h
Max operating pressure10barg
Pressure dew point- 40 to -70 deg c
Inlet/outlet connection1/2''
Voltages230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption30W
Unit PriceUS $ 500 / piece
FOB portShanghai
Terms of PaymentT/T
Update TimeApr 25,2024
Detail Information

XM Series Mihi heatless desiccant compressed air dryers are designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus reducing dew point. Operation of dryer requires two columns operated alternately.

Adsorption takes place under pressure in first column while second column regenerates with    a portion of already dried compressed air at ambient pressure.

A dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beads, controller with LCD dicplay, valves, manometers, support construction and suitable filter housings with the required filter element. Proven robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.


 √ Compact & robust aluminum-alloy structure

  Pressure dew point of -40 as standard, optional -70

  Two stage per-filters and outlet dust filtersto ensure clean air

   Low dust adsorbent with longer serviceperiod  and less filling quantity

  Bufferchambers in upper and lower end to reduce pressure drop

   Intelligentcontrol with automatic working after powering on

Very low purge noise due to gas cylinder structure

Laser cutting machine
Oxygen &  nitrogen generator
CNC machine tools
Dental air compressor
PCB drilling 

 Connection Nominal volume flowDimensionsWeight
TypeIN/OUT[Nm3/h][CFM]L[mm]W[mm]H [mm]kg
XM0005G 1/4''31.81901256006.8
XM0010G 1/4''63.51901257008
XM0015G 1/4''95.31901258309.8
XM0028 G 1/4''16.812.7190290100011.8
XM0060G 1/2''37.221.933029071023
XM0100G  1/2''6035.333029085025
XM0130G 1/2''79.246.6330290102030
XM0180G 1/2''10863.5400380102038
XM0240G 1''14786.5505505117554
XM0360G 1''220129.9645645117572

Refers to 1bar(a) and 20°C at 7 bar operating pressure, inlet temperature 35°C and pressure dew point at outlet -40°C.

Operating pressure [bar]2345678910111213141516
Operating pressure [psi]2944587287100115130145160174189203218232
Correction factor0.380.50.630.750.8811.131.251.381.51.631.751.8822.13
Inlet temperature  [°C]253035404550         
Correction factor1110.970.870.8         
DEW POINT FACTORS- F3            
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