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LN40 liquid nitrogen generator system deliveried to Brazil

LN40 liquid nitrogen generator system deliveried to Brazil

Jul 1,2015

Scala filtration deliveried LN40 liquid nitrogen generator system to Brazil. Customer operates cattle farm in remote area where getting liquid nitrogen is quite hard and high cost.

After testing in factory,the actural liquid N2 flow is above 50 liters per day,which is higher than rated flow.

LN40 is a plug-and-play type on-site liquid nitrogen generator system, it is based  on the Gifford-McMahon technique of a cold head design with the compression and expansion of helium to obtain low temperature cooling.

LN40 Liquid Nitrogen generator system is supplied in one integrated standalone cabinet (except water cooling chiller) which is a floor mounted mobile enclosure so that the system can be situated in its preferred location and connected to the mains supply using the cable supplied.

ince 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.