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What are the consumable parts of the desiccant dryer?

What are the consumable parts of the desiccant dryer?

Update Time:2021/10/9
The consumable parts of desiccant dryers are adsorbent, valve and muffler.
As the industrial main body of the dryer, the adsorbent is subjected to the frequent impact of pressure, water vapor and heat in most of the time, which is easy to be broken mechanically and contaminated by the medium, so that the performance of the adsorbent is degraded. Since the activated alumina after replace silica gel as select adsorbent, all sorts of performance are greatly improved, especially the compressive strength and resistance to liquid water soaking performance reached a high level, as long as it doesn't appear operating factors, such as "renewable energy deficiency" by activated alumina, the compressed air dew point stability reached to 40 ℃ in technology, and life can be more than 2 to 3 years.

Control valve is easy to damage parts in adsorption dryer. Frequent switching and long-term exposure to water and adsorbent stripping are important reasons for valve damage.

Muffler is more prone to failure of the components, its main form is muffler exhaust channel blockage. Once the muffler failure (blockage), the damage to the machine is fatal, will lead to adsorbent regeneration performance decline, premature aging. Therefore, silencer is the focus of daily maintenance of desiccant dryer.

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