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Over the years, we have developed a full range of liquid nitrogen generators based on different technologies such as GM (Gidford McMahon)Cryo-cooler,MR-JT cooler(mixed refrigerant with Joule-Thomson effect ) and Pluse tube cooler . Liquid nitrogen production capacity from 10liters per day up to 1000 liter per day.

Scala Filtration is a leading manufacturer & supplier of liquid nitrogen generators and liquid nitrogen plants

Based on years of research and innovation , Scala Filtration developped a full range of high performance liquid nitrogen generators for laboratory and industrial application, we can also provide customer built product to meet special requirement.

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Biological Storage

Biological materials such as sperm, eggs, blood, seeds and viruses can be stored cryogenic-ally in liquid nitrogen. A reliable supply of liquid nitrogen is essential for long-term preservation. Years of work and investment could possibly be destroyed due to lack of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic tanks. So it's very important to have a reliable liquid nitrogen supply.

Liquid nitrogen suppliers do not always provide perfect service to small customers, and at the same time, there can be logistical difficulties in being far away from liquid nitrogen production sites. The solution to these problems is to produce liquid nitrogen on site. With the Scala liquid nitrogen generator, biological research institutions and artificial insemination stations can produce their own liquid nitrogen on site, close to the point of use.

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Scientific research

In scientific research, cryogenic cooling is required for a variety of applications. Many are complex instruments related to physics, nuclear physics and biology.

In biology, Scala's liquid nitrogen generator is used to ensure low temperature refrigeration of samples.

Some examples of biological research:Virus institute: Collect and study viruses, for example in remote areas of Africa.Artificial insemination: Improvement of cattle, horses and dogs.

Human Medicine: Immunology, Oncology and geneticsMarine research vessels: On these vessels, it is often necessary to store samples taken from the ocean or seabed in liquid nitrogen.

To avoid storing large amounts of liquid nitrogen during long voyages, the Scala liquid nitrogen system can be used to produce liquid nitrogen on board.

Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.

Animal Husbandry

Artificial insemination plays an important role in improving livestock around the world. Through artificial insemination, the genetic makeup of animals can be altered to improve the quality and quantity of cows and beef. By maintaining, improving and developing region-specific varieties, local communities can become self-sufficient in beef and dairy production. The key factor to meet these requirements is the reliable source of liquid nitrogen. Without it, many artificial insemination stations in remote areas would not be able to store their precious semen.Scala's liquid nitrogen generation system ensures a reliable and continuous supply of liquid nitrogen to artificial insemination stations. As an experienced partner, SCALA can provide you with the inside story of the artificial insemination process.

Liquid dosing

An important application of Scala liquid nitrogen generator plant is to supply liquid nitrogen to nitrogen filling systems in the beverage industry. Global soft drink packaging is shifting from heavy glass bottles to ultra-light plastic bottles. This requires drastic measures to prevent bottles from being crushed when they are piled on top of each other in transit. Their fragile internal structure can be made stronger by pressurizing the bottle.The perfect way to pressurize a bottle is to put a drop of liquid nitrogen in it. Rapid evaporation of liquid nitrogen removes oxygen from the bottle. Then quickly screw on the top lid before all the liquid nitrogen evaporates. The remaining liquid nitrogen also evaporates and pressurizes the bottle. Thin plastic bottles form a very strong structure to withstand shocks and loads. This reduces storage and transportation costs.Scala liquid nitrogen system are fully self-sufficient in the production of high purity liquid nitrogen. Highly reliable and independent of any cryogenic supplier logistics problems.

ince 2013, Scala Filtration has been delivering quality compressed air purification equipment and laboratory liquid nitrogen generators around the world.