water-cooled refrigeration compressed air dryer with high efficiency aluminum heat exchanger

water-cooled refrigeration compressed air dryer with high efficiency aluminum heat exchanger
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Normal flow rate120m3/min
Max operating pressure16bar
Pressure dew point+3 deg c
Inlet/outlet connectionDN150
Voltages380V, 50Hz
Unit PriceUS $ 18150 / piece
FOB portShanghai
Terms of PaymentT/T
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Update Time2020-08-12
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water-cooled refrigeration compressed air dryer with high efficiency aluminum heat exchanger

Model : 

Normal flow rate : 120m3/min

Standard inlet temperature:  45 

Max.pressure : 16 bar


A refrigerated air dryer is a device used to remove moisture from a compressed  air  system.  If  the  system contains moisture, it can cause damage to the equipment that will amount to costly repairs. Installing a refrigerated air dryer to your compressed air system can solve the problem of moisture.

BP/HBP refrigerated air dryers can help you solve the problem of harmful moisture in you compressed air system. Excess moisture in your system can harm equipment and ruin processes or product, costing you time and money.


BP/HBP series refrigerated air dryers are designed with the end user in mind. Particular attention is paid to high efficiency and implementation of technical solutions for easy operation and maintenance.

Thanks  to   highly   effective stainless steel plate  heat exchanger, the dryers achieve excellent performance even in instances of high ambient and high inlet temperatures.   They can operate at high ambient temperatures and inlet temperatures,  ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.  The easily removed panels offer immediate access to the operating components of the unit. All components are tightly integrated into the dryer housing, which provide easy maintenance and small footprint.

BP/HBP series refrigerated air dryers are sized to match standard compressor outputs and tropical working conditions.Therefore,it is unnecessary to select a larger dryer.

Dew point Indicator 

The  control  panel  contains  all   the  information  necessary   for   the management of refrigeration dryer.  Dew point indicator on model 048 through 390, digital pressure dew point on model  420 and above. Optional digital controller with setting buttons and LEDs for signalization of operating   status. 

No-loss Electronic drain

Integrated no-loss electronic condensate drain is designed  for fully automatic discharging of condensate without air loss. ( Standard on BP648 and above ) . The special self-cleaning direct acting valve assures reliable operation.Drain is  equipped with operational alarm, led indicator, test button and capacitive level sensor.

High and low pressure switch

High pressure switch is a control device which is used as safety control. The compressor is stopped by cutting the power supply of the motor of the compressor whenever the discharge pressure of the compressor becomes excessive. This is necessary to prevent the possible damage of equipment.

The low pressure switch monitors the system for low pressure faults, such as refrigerant leakage or possible blockage. If the pressure gets too low then the compressor may overheat due to lack of suction gas cooling.

Hot gas by-pass valve 

The main purpose of hot gas bypass valve is to prevent condensate from freezing on the surface of the evaporator coil when the system is operating at extremely low load conditions

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger 

The stainless steel plate heat exchanger in the refrigeration dryer is corrosion resistant and safe from contamination. HBP series directly cools  80℃ of hot air  temperature from compressor.

Condensate Separator 

BP/HBP Series refrigerated dryers are designed for high reliability. They are equipped with external condensate separator made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel that reliably removes condensate from the air 

Efficent cooling system

The refrigeration compressor pumps hot high pressure gas refrigerant into the condenser which transfers the heat from the refrigerant gas to the ambient air as the gas condenses into a liquid.


High efficiency piston and rotary refrigerant compressors assure the circulation of system refrigerant.Compressors have the innovative construction with reduced energy consumption and high reliability levels.


Components conform with 2002195/CE “RoHS” (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and 2002196/CE “WEEE” (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) European Directives. Only ozone friendly refrigerants are used.

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