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1.7m3/min high temperature refrigerant compressed air dryers exported to Singapore

Issue Time:2017-02-19


Scala Filtration delivered two unit of 1.7m3/min high temperature refrigerant compressed air dryers to Singapore.The testing pressure dew point is less than +3 deg c ,pressure drop is less than 0.12bar. 

BPD Series high temperature refrigeratant compressed air dryer is designed for hot and humid environment especially in South East Asia. The fan motor is located on the top of dryer for better ventilation.

Compared to other competitor's high temperature air dryer,the large brazed stainless steel heat ex-changer with moisture separator brings excellent dew point with minimum pressure drop.

By eliminating air-cooled after cooler,the dryer is more reliable for long term operation, lower power consumption and lower dew point. The dryer can handle larger flow capacity when the inlet temperature become lower.

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