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Atlas Copco nitrogen gas generator | high purity modular PSA N2 generator

Atlas Copco nitrogen gas generator | high purity modular PSA N2 generator

Atlas Copco nitrogen gas generator |  high purity modular  PSA N2 generator
CategoriesLaboratory Nitrogen Generator
BrandScala Compressed Air Treatment Manufacturer
Nitrogen flow9.1Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity99.5%( 95% to 99.999% )
Nitrogen outlet pressure7 barg(100psig)
Power supplySingle phase,230V-50HZ
Dimensions(mm)798(L) x 840(W) x 1300(H)
Noise level65dBA@1meter
Unit PriceUS $ 9000 / piece
FOB portShanghai
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJanuary 29,2023
Detail Information
High purity nitrogen supply up to 99.999%
Atlas Copco’s NGP/NGP+ nitrogen generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to isolate nitrogen molecules from other molecules in compressed air. Oxygen, CO2, water vapor and other gases are adsorbed. The result is virtually pure nitrogen at the outlet of the generator. The NGP/NGP+ Series is a very cost-efficient source of nitrogen used in various industries like food and beverage, metal processing, electronics, and many others.
High flow capacity
The wide product range and gas flows exceeding 3,000 Nm³/h
(NGP/NGP+) make these generators ideal for a variety of demanding 

Ready to use
• Only requires a supply of dry compressed air.
• Plug-and-play.
• No specialist installation or commissioning.
• Fully automated and monitored including oxygen sensor as standard.
• Service-friendly.

Exceptional reliability
• Robust design.
• Continuous availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
• Potential risk of production breakdown due to gas running out is eliminated.

Desired purity
• NGP/NGP+: nitrogen concentrations from 95% to 99.999%.

Cost savings
• Low operating expenses.
• No additional costs such as order processing,
refills and delivery charges.
• Limited maintenance costs.

Technical Data
Nitrogen outlet flow 
25 Nl/min
Nitrogen purity
99.5% ( 0.5% oxygen content )
Nitrogen outlet pressure 
7 barg (100 psig)
With  air compressor
Lifetime of air compressor 
5 years or 20,000 hours
Power supply 
600 x 600 x 1300mm
150 Kg
Noise level
55dBA,at 1 meter
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